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Adult Students: GED and CLEP Exams


General Educational Development (or GED) tests are a group of five subject tests which, when passed, certify that the taker has high school-level academic skills. The GED is sometimes referred to as a General Equivalency Diploma or General Education Diploma. College admission requirements include the completion of a high school degree or GED program. If you have not yet completed your GED, the NH Department of Education Bureau of Adult Education offers educational services to adults who have not received a high school diploma or GED certificate, or do not read, write or speak English. There are free local programs available for GED preparation. There are eight GED testing centers in New Hampshire. To learn more about these programs and resources, visit

Credit for Life Experience: The CLEP

The CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) exam offers students who have acquired knowledge outside of the usual education settings to show that they have learned college-level material so they can bypass certain introductory college courses. Check with the college directly to find out their policy on awarding credit. The test is sponsored by the College Board and is administered at 1,300 colleges and universities nationwide. Visit for information regarding test taking centers, preparing for the CLEP, school code information and test descriptions.